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Bettering the World, One Tree at a Time

Tree Service in Fredericksburg, VA
Our Mission

We Plant Trees is a philanthropic enterprise supporting environmental stewardship by providing and planting native trees regionally. This 501(c)3 charity organization is headquartered in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and was founded in June 2019 by father and son team Doug and Erik Davis.

The organization’s aim is to combat the buildup of carbon dioxide through carbon sequestration and to assist insect pollinators like honey bees to provide for a healthier, more sustainable environment. 

Through education, community service, tree planting, and collective work effort, our mission is to inspire others and work to cultivate a better world for our children that counters world trends such as global warming. We will work to help create a future that considers and incorporates sustainable environmental practices into one’s everyday life.

One of the benefits of these tree plantings is they will provide a rewarding environment of forest solitude and wildlife support.

More importantly, though, it's the effort to provide carbon sequestration to improve our ecosystem. As the trees grow and lock in the carbon, they help reverse the increasing CO₂ content around them, and they serve as carbon fixing organisms that provide and enhance the atmosphere with increased oxygen.  Simultaneously, these actions will help support the pollinators which are essential to the fertilization of our plants and subsequently our sustenance. We will continue increasing the green canopy of our country with the support of our communities. 

Our ultimate goal is to educate the populace through community service and promote planting as many trees as possible, with each tree growing and sequestering carbon. Together, we can help make the world a better place for us and for the generations to follow!

a large tree in a field

Our Community Service and Tree Planting Projects

After starting our tree service in Fredericksburg in 2019, We Plant Trees continues to support carbon sequestration by planting thousands of trees that lower the carbon dioxide levels while supporting the pollinators at numerous locations.

We also coordinate with some of Virginia’s other conservation groups, such as Friends of the Rappahannock, Tree Fredericksburg, Piedmont Environmental Council and Goose Creek Association, to expand our capabilities when possible. Word about the program continues to spread through our community service and tree planting efforts, with more and more property owners capitalizing on the availability of young trees and the establishment of new forested areas to develop over time. 

So far, through dozens of projects, we have planted over 30,000 trees with a goal of many more to come! Through your generous donation (see link below), you’ll enable us to plant even more trees, further enhancing the carbon fixing capabilities in the trees we are planting. 

two sets of hands planting a tree
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