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2019 Tree Planting
December 11, 2019 at 9:59 PM
by We Plant Trees

As we close the 2019 tree planting season, We Plant Trees has had a great beginning for the first year, having planted approximately 2500 trees of multiple species with the help of landowners, volunteers, and communities that recognize and support the ecological and wildlife advantages of planting these new trees.  While educating the benefactors about carbon dioxide exchange and carbon sequestration, pollinator and wildlife support, we taught overall growth and maintenance of the trees.  Collectively the people and the wildlife are benefiting from the green factors around their homes and lands while participating in the process.  The year has been very rewarding for the organization, and we look forward to further exploits in 2020.  We’ll continue to work within our communities to improve the environment and provide trees at no cost through this charity.